How to use IsSound()

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How to use IsSound()

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  Procedure Loading(Type, Filename$, ObjectId)
    Debug Filename$ + " loaded (id = " + ObjectId + ")"
   ; PlaySound(0) ; play the sound
  Procedure LoadingError(Type, Filename$)
    Debug Filename$ + ": loading error"
  Debug IsSound(0)
  Debug IsSound(testsound)
  ; Register the loading event before calling any resource load command
  BindEvent(#PB_Event_Loading, @Loading())
  BindEvent(#PB_Event_LoadingError, @LoadingError())
  LoadSound(0, "Data/Lazer.wav") ; Be sure this sound is available (the source file should be saved in the SpiderBasic/Examples drawer)

Could it be that Isound() isn't working or what am I doing wrong?
Even though the sound to be loaded does not exist, Issound() shows that the sound is valid and correctly initialized.