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I want to limit the movement of a window

I use this code

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Procedure wmoveevent()
    Protected ew=EventWindow()
    Debug WindowY(ew)
    If WindowY(ew)<100

OpenWindow(0, 0, 0, 512,512, "", #PB_Window_SystemMenu | #PB_Window_ScreenCentered)

BindEvent(#PB_Event_MoveWindow,@ wmoveevent())
It works with PB, but not with SB
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Re: #PB_Event_MoveWindow

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It appears that ResizeWindow cant be used in that procedure. Using it in, say an event timer, and all is okay...
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Re: #PB_Event_MoveWindow

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It will probably need a new command to restrict the window move, as it can't work like this in JS. Moved to feature and request.
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