[Implemented] Keep Cordova temp build dir

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[Implemented] Keep Cordova temp build dir

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using SB for some Android and iOS apps, every few weeks it is a problem, that Cordova compile stops without any usable error information. For example there are actually problems with the DeviceInfo(*) functions (see Bug forum), or having an iPhone 14 now with Apples provisioning profiles.

So can we please have a simple checkbox in the compile dialog, that the temporary directory that SB uses to compile optionally isn't deleted after compile, whether the compile was successful or not?

When compile doesn't work this would give us the chance to use Android Studio or Xcode to find and solve the error, for example to use the older working cordova-device-plugin for DeviceInfo(*).
And if compile works, it would additionally give the chance to modify other possibly needed parameters, for example in the Cordova compile settings for the app.

Thanks, hoerbie