Creating apps with Capacitor

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Dirk Geppert
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Creating apps with Capacitor

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Hi Fred & the Team, since Cordova is no longer being developed, would it be possible to switch the app creation to Capacitor (
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Re: Creating apps with Capacitor

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Hi Dirk,

may I ask, on what information your "Cordova is no longer being developed" is based? Some big players like Adobe und Microsoft stop their engagement and support, but Cordova seems to still be developed, if you take a look at Github.

But I have to thank you a lot for the hint to Capacitor, it looks like a more modern tool, so it would be interesting to test it with SB. Did you try to use it the hard way, I mean building a SB web app and copying it to Capacitor und compiling this as app? Actually I'm more than overloaded with work, but for the winter holidays in Germany I could think of giving it a try.

On the other hand I'm not sure, if switching SB to Capacitor for Fred&Co is the best investment for the future. With the new C compiler of PB I have a small hope, that some day in the not so far future there will be a native compile to iOS and Android.

Greets, hoerbie
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