IIS and SpiderBAsic

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IIS and SpiderBAsic

Post by nicolaus »

Hi all,

I currently try to build a SpiderBasic WebbApp to test FAstCGI.
If I try the SpiderBasic app localy with debug out of SpiderBasic, it works very well and I can see the Window / Controls in the web page.
If I upload the html file as well as the .js file to my server (running IIS) i can open the web page but only the background is shown, but now window / controls.

Can any one help to solve this issue?
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Re: IIS and SpiderBAsic

Post by Peter »

Open the developer console of your browser by pressing the F12 key.
Check if you see red error messages there.
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Re: IIS and SpiderBAsic

Post by useful »

Web app
https://www.spiderbasic.com/documentati ... teapp.html

Simply copying [your app].html and [your app].js is not enough. Additionally, you need to make sure that your application works with the necessary libraries.

p.s. And after building the WebApp once, in subsequent versions you can really only update the two files html and js
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