When will a new version of SPIDERBASIC

Got an idea for enhancing SpiderBasic? New command(s) you'd like to see?
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When will a new version of SPIDERBASIC

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I just bought SPIDERBASIC today.
I would like to know if a new version is planned in the near future and if so what will be the new features?
Thanks in advance
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Re: When will a new version of SPIDERBASIC

Post by Paul »

Release history is not so good which is why you see complaints about licensing.
Updates are included for one year but can easily expire before an update is released.
Version 2.31 was the last official release on May 18, 2020
7 months later 2.32 beta 1 was posted (Dec.9,2020) which only included some IDE enhancements.
It has now been 8 months since the beta with no further updates or final release. My 2nd license expired in May this year so if 2.32 comes out of beta I have to pay for a 3rd license to get that final release.
With the team now working on a C backend for PureBasic, it's hard to see SpiderBasic getting updated any time soon :(
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