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DeleteFile in Local Storage

by ljgww Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:24 pm

I did not find a command to delete 'file' from the LocalStorage in the list of File functions in SB.
I needed this, so I made a little workaround (by not doing anything but interfacing it). Here it is:

Code: Select all
Procedure DeleteFileLocalStorage(Filename.s)
Debug "* DeleteFile: " + Filename
LocalForage.removeItem('sbfs_'+v_filename).then(function() {
    // Run this code once the key has been removed.
    console.log('Key is cleared!');
  }).catch(function(err) {
    // This code runs If there were any errors

Source: ... removeitem

Of course: if you do this, to be able to see the effect of deleting, you need to refresh the browser window.
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