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SBQR an Android/iOS QR Code scanner for SpiderBasic 2.20

by poshu Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:59 pm

As of July 2018, no QR scanner plugin for Cordova is compatible with SpideBasic 2.20.

No worry, here come SBQR, an alternative solution build upon CanvasCamera and jsQR.

A few notes though :
  • While it should be compatible with iOS, I have no device to test it.
  • It won't work on Android KitKat, you'll need Android 5 or above.
  • As far as performance goes, I did my best, used web worker to separate the workload in two threads, but it's still JS. It will slow down on older devices.
  • I'm the biggest JS noob, so if you have any correction, I'll take them gladly!
  • Last but not least : to compile with it, you have to have GIT on your computer and set it up in PATH in your environment variables.

Now, you can download it here :
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