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Editor and compiler on Android

by mdp Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:00 pm

I know you are a busy person Fred, and I know that you may continuously receive unreasonable requests, but:
maybe your basic-to-javascript compiler could one day work on Android?

I mean: I dearly missed a coding system on my mobile devices, and if I could do SB on them I would be happy. I have not checked for a long while, but I believe there is a market for that. Especially when we are talking of a RAD syntax, libraries and system like the one of PB and SB. People tend to want to throw in a few lines while roaming - it may be even only to do some calculation.

And I would not advance this idea if it looked titanic - but probably there is a way to port, and keep synchronized with the versions, the compiler part (a native ARM/x86 library, which the minimum required Java just interfaces to); at that point, customizing an editor for the SB language is a secondary effort that can be perfectioned in time.

I am not saying it should happen tomorrow, but it does not sound like an impossible feat. And it would be amazing. And it would also push the use of the desktop products.
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