VectorDrawing - new function

Got an idea for enhancing SpiderBasic? New command(s) you'd like to see?
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VectorDrawing - new function

Post by pf shadoko »

Some functions available on PB are badly missing on SB :

- ClipPath
- VectorSourceImage
- VectorSourceCircularGradient : CentreX, CentreY

I took a look at SVG, it seems possible
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Re: VectorDrawing - new function

Post by Fred »

We use Paperjs, and some of PB features are not supported unfortunately
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Re: VectorDrawing - new function

Post by Axeman »

That's a bit unfortunate. I was hoping to use SpiderBasic to create web and mobile versions of the jigsaw puzzle client I use with my Jigsaw Foundry jigsaw puzzle generator software ( ... w_Foundry/ ). Without the 'VectorSourceImage' command that looks to be impossible using SpiderBasic, however.

Obviously I can still do it by coding directly in Javascript, but since Jigsaw Foundry is written in PureBasic using SpiderBasic would have saved me a lot of work.
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