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intermittent appearance in browser

by mskuma Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:07 am


Firstly well done Fred on starting SpiderBasic. I've been away from PB for a while, but it's tremendous to see this advance. I wish you success with it. As others have said, great software & great forum (and users).

I've started to play with the alpha 4 (Win 8.1, FF 27.0.1), and found that when I compile & the browser starts, I'm usually waiting a long time (waiting for localhost..) without seeing anything. If I refresh the same page, sometimes I see the distinctive pale coloured background, but still not the app. I quit & other (rare) times I see the app come up right away. I wonder if anyone else is seeing this? I switch to chrome by copying & pasting the URL from FF, but no go either. I am using AVG, but I disable it (allow all) but no progress there either..

BTW I agree with user nam in the announce forum, I'm not a fan of the name SpiderBasic - I hope eventually a better or more marketable name can be created.

Anyway I look forward to watching the future of this product (and I'll be a buyer also to support).

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