resize() problem with ListIcon Gadget

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resize() problem with ListIcon Gadget

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in my actual project I have to handle approx 10 containers with a lot of gadgets inside. Controled by 10 buttons, 9 of 10 containers are always hidden and on is always visible. All containers have idetical position and size.
Generally this is working find as long I do not resize browser window. All gadgets are resized correctly by calling my resize procedure. Within this resize procedure all gadgets are corrected to the actual browser size in position and size.
If I now change the visibility to an other container, the size of all gadgets are correct BUT ListIcon gadget does not shoe its headline. I tried to call resize procedure manually after unhiding the container but the ListIcon headline still is lost. I now need to resize the browser again to show ListIcon including headline correctly. Unfortunately if I switch back to the previous container, the headline of the ListIcon is missing there. By the way, the resize procedure I call by


is the same I call within the event


Here I check the LeftClick Event and call the procedure ResizeWindowEvent() manually to rebuild the gadgets.
Another possibility is to press F5 button to rebuild ListIcons correctly.

My Question now, does it cause a problem to resize Gadgets in a hidden container?
Is it wrong to call the ResizeWindowEvent() manually to rebuild the gadget sizes of the container?
How can I emulate a F5 button to refresh the screen?
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