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Dirk Geppert
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UploadGadget() - need server result

by Dirk Geppert Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:45 pm

I use this nice gadget from falsam: https://github.com/falsam/UpLoadGadget for upload purposes.

Is there a way to extend the callback, so that the return value from the UploadServer will also passed by?

UploadGadget.sbi Line 103:
Code: Select all
    ;   #DZ_EventType_Success = 4
    !      this.on("complete", function(file) {
    !         this.removeFile(file)
    !     v_callback(4, file.name, file.size, "Complete")
    !      });

I need the return result, because it contains an ID to be able to access the upload again later.

Ciao Dirk
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