Using Javascript from SpiderBasic
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spiderbasic with newLisp-js Sample?

by HPW Mon May 15, 2017 3:01 pm


As a long time supporter and user of the scripting language newLisp,
I have some experience in embedding it into other enviroments.

Since there is a development for newlisp to a js-lib, I get the idea of using spiderbasic for GUI with interfaces to the newlisp-js lib.

Online Sample-IDE:
My Testsample:

I uploaded a small testsample zip with the js-lib and a demo-html.

Since I am a beginner with spiderbasic I would like to ask if someone can provide a spiderbaisc demo file
which shows a simple page with a textentry for a newlisp source-string and a eval-button to send the source to the newlisp-interpreter.
And a display option for the returned result-string.

Especially the handling of the OnLoad-event of the lib file would be interesting how to solve in SB.
(The interpreter must be ready with loading before calling it. So in the event the GUI should be then enabled)

For a pro-user of spiderbasic it might be easy to translate the app1.html into SB.

newlisp-js can also callback with eval-string-js. Would be nice to access the SB-GUI with it.

Once I get a start I would like to port some newlisp-demos to SB.

Posts: 19
Joined: Thu May 04, 2017 4:25 pm

Re: spiderbasic with newLisp-js Sample?

by HPW Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:01 am


Still digging into the docs and studying Demos.
So not much progress in combining it with spiderbasic.
Some help would be still wellcomed.

But news on the newlisp-js flavor: ... 7&start=75

Now there is a optional WebAssembly version of newlisp-js.
Tested with current Firefox and Chrome. Chrome shows a signifikant Performance improvement.
Edge with experimetal JavaScript Support enabled still throw an error.

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