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Dirk Geppert
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Detect Eddystone beacons

by Dirk Geppert Mon Jul 22, 2019 1:24 pm


anyone has had any experience scanning beacons via Javascript and Cordova?
I am especially interested in the Eddystone format, because you can use it to send URLs.

I have found some interesting articles that describe that you can scan beacons with Cordova and Javascript.

- https://evothings.com/detecting-eddysto ... made-easy/
- https://github.com/evothings/cordova-eddystone

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Cordova and the automatic creation of an app using Spiderbasic has never worked for iOS before.

My questions therefore:

- what should a SpiderBasic project that uses the Beacon plugin look like?

- how can I create an app using Cordova?

Any help is appreciated!

Ciao Dirk
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