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"App not intsalled" for generated apk

by AlexSpiderB Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:51 am

Hello all

Summary: I generated a simple Android app but it won't install; tried several devices, says "App not intsalled"

Am using the free Windows version of SpiderBasic 2.10.

1. Opened the file "font.sb" (30 lines) in the "examples" folder using the SpiderBasic editor.
2. Made sure its File > Preferences > Compiler correctly pointed to the JDK (it's version 1.8.0_71).
3. Then went to Compiler > Create App > Android tab. For App Name "font". For version "1.0". For icon, left it blank. For package id "com.spider.font". For startup image, specified a 2048x2048 PNG file. Orientation: Any. Fullscreen unchecked. Geolocation unchecked. Resource directory unchecked and blank path. Output file name: specified examples folder, font.apk.
4. Clicked "Create App" button and waited for it to generate the font.apk file in the examples folder.
5. Copied the apk into various tablets' "Downloads" folder and opened the apk.
6. Usual Android app permission screen regarding Privacy and Device Access appears, tapped "Install".
7. Briefly says "Installing..."
8. And then message "x App not installed".

Can anyone please advise where I am going wrong?

Thank you!
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Re: "App not intsalled" for generated apk

by Fred Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:25 am

Did you sign the app ? If you try to install a release app without signing it will fail. You can also enable debug apk support on your device and compile with the debugger

More info on signing here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=883
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