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What directories of the JDK are absolut needed for APP creat

by kurzer Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:49 pm


at first, this my first serious try(*) with SpiderBasic.
*) Okay, I've tested it for one or two days in 2014 on my old XP machine, but because of some problems with the sbmongoose.exe i stopped my work on this.

Today I use SpiderBasic free in portable mode. I installed/copied it today to my new computer. The creation of Web-applications is no problem. I tried to compile some of the examples. They are running very well in my browser. *happy* :-)

But I have a question regarding the creation of Android APKs.
As far as I have noticed, I have to install the Java 'JDK' at first (is this mentioned in the help file?). So I downloaded the jdk1.8.0_141 and installed it in a virtual machine.
The reason for installing it in a VM is that I want to copy only the minimum needed files and directories of the JDK into my Spiderbasic folder. I want to keep my spiderbasic folder 100% portable without any registry- or other dependencies.

So my question is: Does Spiderbaisc need a full installation of the JDK including all the registry entries and path assignments of the JDK installation? Or does SpiderBasic only need some of the JDK files/folders without executing any of the *.exe files in the JDK bin directory during compilation?

Thank you in advance for your hints. Image

Kind Regards
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