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Command line compiler & /PREPROCESS - Switch

by Peter Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:27 am


SpiderBasic-Help wrote:Using the command line compiler
Command switches:
/PREPROCESS (-pp, --preprocess) "Filename": Preprocess the source code and write the output in the specified "Filename". The processed file is a single file with all macro expanded, compiler directive handled and multiline resolved. This allows an easier parsing of a SpiderBasic source file, as all is expanded and is available in a flat file format. No comments are included by default, but the flag /COMMENTED can be used to have all untouched original source as comments and allow comments processing. The preprocessed file can be recompiled as any other SpiderBasic source file to create the final output.

When i execute
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C:\SpiderBasic\Compilers\sbcompiler.exe test.sb -pp test2.sb
both "spiderbasic.html" and "spiderbasic.js" where generated, but no "test2.sb"

Is this switch still supported?

Thanks in advance & Greetings ... Peter
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