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Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 10:22 pm
by Charlie
Although very very early going, I figured might as well start an "official thread" now for thoughts/comments/ideas/etc.

G'day all,

Note: currently built and tested with SpiderBasic 2.22

With, I hope to create a rapid application development framework for SpiderBasic. ( stems from my General Discussion post A SQLWindows-like OO framework for SpiderBasic? )

Although I really do enjoy/appreciate SpiderBasic something silly, as a career-long SQLWindows (today: OpenText Gupta Team Developer) programmer, I was often getting frustrated without so many features in SQLWindows that very much fit the way this old sponge of mine works. Hence to get some of those missing features.

To start putting together in a practical way, I'm simultaneously creating :
  •, a SpiderBasic application for learning American Sign Language. For details about, please see this other thread of discussion
  • a SpiderBasic application to test and showcase widgets (i.e. windows and gadgets), similarly to Fantaisie Software's Gadget overview showcase application for SpiderBasic.
Source code: download zip file. Eventually, I'll have some decent installation instructions and (this will take a while) a user guide.