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Asset Management System (long-term little project)

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:10 pm
by Charlie

Web site: CJ's Asset Management System
  • Development machine: Linux(Beta)-enabled Chromebook
  • SpiderBasic, version 2.22 (for 64-bit linux)
  • For the form designer: PureBasic, free version 5.71 (for 64-bit linux),
  • SQLite database, created with DB Browser for SQLite, version 3.9.1
  • Modeling (SpiderBasic Structures, etc.): Dia 0.97
  • Compiled app hosted on

As a fun way to see how far I can push Spider Basic, I've decided to take what I know (support/development of a large system for asset management, project management, contract management, financial management) built with Gupta Team Developer, and build a similar kind of thing with Spider Basic.

At the moment, I'm just playing around with the design of a GUI (navigation and other elements). Hoping to get a SQLite db setup with ability to create a database that can be downloaded, and then opened by the application.

So the client-side application is hosted on the web, but the user's database remains local. Something like that.

Since I've got all kinds of little fun projects on the go, I often find myself going all in on a project until I need a break and jump on another project. This puppy will likely turn into a slow and very long-term job. As long as I keep coming back to it, I'll use this topic thread to let folk know of updates (in case anybody is interested.)

Cheers and best regards !

SQUIRREL! I have to take a little side-trip. As I'm putting this multi-window project together, I'm finding myself in need of some serious architecture for window management. So I need to familiarize myself with SpiderBasic structures and arrays, and familiarize myself with Dia (diagramming software) which I'm thinking of using to create UML Class Diagrams to model structures. If this turns into an interesting project, I'll put together a dedicated website and separate showcase post in this form.

Created a very basic starting Sqlite database, and modified the "Explore Assets" functionality to load assets from the database. Cool.
Added a "System Admin" menu, and added a "Explore Place Names" functionality to load place names from the database.

Added an "About" dialog. Had created a nice little image for the dialog, but showing the dialog with the image causes the TreeView gadget in the "Start" menu to disappear. Something I need to revisit again later.

Re: Asset Management System (long-term little project)

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 1:55 am
by Charlie
Just a "bump" for the thread. Added some notes to the starting message in this thread.

Re: Asset Management System (long-term little project)

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:27 pm
by Fred
Good luck with your project !

Re: Asset Management System (long-term little project)

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:29 am
by Charlie
Fred wrote:Good luck with your project !

Merci bien gros, Fred !

I'm having a right fun blast with this. I'm a career SQLWindows (aka Gupta Team Developer) programmer, but Basic has always tugged at my heartstrings.

Right now, I'm focused on "architecture" in the sense of : all of these things I did in an object-oriented way, how do I go about doing them SpiderBasic style. Kind of a complicated thing/transition, but I love dealing with intertwingularity.

I'm finding SpiderBasic the absolute coolest thing. That's a bright little gem you've created, Fred.