Created a nice software using SpiderBasic ? Post you link here !
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by ❤x1 Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:16 pm


Entirely written with PureBasic and SpiderBasic, BAKey is a no-frills no-hassle password manager available and syncable everywhere!

Desktop : Image Image Image
Mobile :Image Image
Web : Image

Release infos:
  • ~Fixed: identification after a first failed loading.
  • +Added: you can now edit an existing credential
  • First public release!
  • First android release
  • First web release
  • Available in English and in French
  • Only the credential page is available for now : I'm mostly looking for bug with the user interface. If you can spend 2 minutes to try it and report any render issue, It'd help me a lot to work toward the next versions!

Screenshots :
Android :
Web (firefox) :
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Re: BAKey

by Fred Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:47 pm

Looks awesome ! I can't find it on the android playstore (french) is it published yet ?
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Re: BAKey

by ❤x1 Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:41 pm

No it's not : it's really early work with very little working beside the interface.
Also, it won't ever be. I'm leaving spiderbasic/purebasic and will port my work to another language. I do not wish to make a public tantrum, so I've sent you a PM explaining why.
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Re: BAKey

by Arbrakaan Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:07 pm

Nice work !! ;)
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