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PB_Civet_Server project and demo

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:01 am
by idle
Not done in Spider Basic but for Spider Basic!

PB_Civet_Server is an embedded in memory http/https server to host or pack and deploy your Spider Basic apps.
Built on Civetweb which was forked from Mongoose before it went GPL in 2013

Currently a windows only demo that doesn't do much but it'll be cross platform,and open sourced soon.

There's the SpiderBasic demo Waponez in Civet_server_in_memSSL.exe, it'll load it into your browser on http
it's linked under the "What does it do" section "Host or deploy Spider basic apps"

read topic in PB forum here ... 27&t=70995

or take a look at the project here,