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SpiderBasic to iOS

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:51 am
by jamirokwai
Hi there,

in a previous project, I had to intercept url-calls from within an App on iOS to show the iOS App Store.

The repo on GitHub contains a simple web-export from SpiderBasic implemented into a Xcode-project. The two buttons are caught by iOS, and will present a Twitter, or Facebook-sharing controller.

It's easy to do:

1. Add (in
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! window.location='http://twitter';
to a procedure called by a button.

2. Export as web-project, including SpiderBasic-libraries.
3. Copy to the web-folder in Xcode-project
4. Add (in view controller.m), below // Callback for the web what you would like to intercept.
Currently, there is a twitter, and a Facebook call

Post you approved Apps here :-)
And feel free to fork, and extend the code!

Have fun!


Edit: I removed my (only) GitHub-Repo. Please find the source-code zipped here: ...

Repo on GitHub: removed