SB Unusable in Production Due to License Issues

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SB Unusable in Production Due to License Issues

Post by Tristano »

As of SpiderBasic v2.31 there's a serious problem with the licenses file, which is basically just the PureBasic licenses file pasted into SB's documentation.
They are one and the same, and I strongly doubt that SB applications use OGRE, Scintilla or PCRE, etc.

This is a serious problem affecting use of SB in production — how can we possibly distribute an application (free or commercial) if the third party components' licenses are wrong? In the worst case, we're not crediting the true third party components used by SB, in all cases we'd be citing components which are not part of our application, both being legally problematic, especially if dealing with a commercial software being marketed.

Now I'm not even sure if SB uses third party components at all (but I guess yes, since the Licenses page was included in the Help file, even if only as a placeholder). Peeking at sources in the installation folder, I can't see any mentions of third party components in the JS code, nor any license files floating around.

Whatever the case, the problem needs to be fixed ASAP in the Help file, for it's currently misleading — especially to end users who don't use PureBasic, for they might not even notice the incongruency.

The problem was first pointed out by @Sicro, in 2018, on the PureBasic Forum:
I joined that thread too, in 2020, immediately after purchasing my license. But is seems that the post went unnoticed.

See also my recent post on this forum:
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Re: SB Unusable in Production Due to License Issues

Post by 16bit »

Polite bump :-)

SpiderBasic is an interesting option, but this is currently a blocker, for me.

I realize I can probably traverse the libraries/javascript folder and start figuring things out from there, but that's not ideal. For some libs like Dojo it's fairly easy to research and I presume these licenses are applicable, but for other libs like sql.min.js I'm less this a creation of the SpiderBasic team, or is it a FOSS solution? I don't know, and so having accurate licensing information is definitely important.
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